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      About Us

      Zhongshan tianli hardware co.,Ltd /Zhongshan Teamring Metal Products Co., LTD

      Address: Guhe Industrial Area, Sanxiang, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China

      MSN/E-mail: james_zeng1972@163.com or norayanghuiying@163.com

      Web site:http://www.top10sideeffects.com

       Contact:Mr.Ding  13928171341



      About Us

           TeamRing was founded in 2001 and located in Zhongshan city of Guangdong province as a full-service manufacturer of high-quality custom springs, lathe pieces and stamping parts. From the beginning, TeamRing has been committed to providing our customers with the finest quality products and service in the industry.
           TeamRing is dedicated to maintaining its leadership in the metals industry. By listening to our valuable customers, possessing spring machines, CNC machines and skilled engineers, technicians and managers with international enterprise experience; and providing them with what they need to be successful, we are able to reach our goals and help our customers achieve theirs. Because we make customer satisfaction our NUMBER ONE priority, we have received numerous customer service awards for on time delivery, shipping accuracy, and quality control.
        With over 12 years of experience, our customers rely on us to meet all of their metal's needs as their one and only source for metal products. You have our assurance that your business will receive our complete attention and our commitment to the highest level of customer support possible.

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      Address:Guhe Industrial Area, Sanxiang, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China    Tel:+86-0760-8633 4199    Fax:+86-0760-86334165

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